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Bangkok Dinner Cruise on the Chao Phraya River Bangkok Thailand
Khao Yai Tour from Bangkok Thailand Daily Tour New Years Eve Bangkok River Cruise Chaophraya River Bangkok Thailand Best Cabaret Show in Bangkok Thailand Ladyboy Show Mambo cabaret show Calypso cabaret show Golden dome cabaret show booking ticket cheap price

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THE RIVER OF KING THAILAND or Chaophraya River, Long and wide, the Chaophraya River , or the “ River of Kings “ is a major River of Thailand. It Graceful snake from the north to central region, ending in Bangkok where it enters the Gulf of Thailand. The Choaphraya River is 370 kilometers long and approximately 150e wide 15 meters deep. Traces of the early Rattanakosin Period such as architecture and traditional way of life , Buddhist Temples , can still the found in areas along the River , largely Hidden to those Who travel by land.
The Chao Phraya River plays many roles in Thai life and in fact it is regarded as the principle artery of the nation. Much of Thai history can be traced along the banks of the Chao Phraya River. As if flows, the river carries with it the history and culture of the country.
Crafted centuries ago since the first reign, the royal barges were for important royal or religious accession, Each garge is carved from a huge piece of teak with prows carved into mythical creatures of the Ramayana epic. They are gilded in gold and intricately decorated with tiny shimmering pieces of glass, Today
Riverine Way of Life ; Like a main road’s side streets, the Chao Phraya Rive has canal offshoots, A river is called maenam in Thai and a canal is a klong. Klong Bangkok Noi branches out from the Chaoo Phraya River. It flows in a horse-shoe shape through the old Bangkok Noi Community in the Thonburi area which used to be an agricultural zone. The lifestyle of the community was simple, To this day, it remains unchanged and there are still paces on the canal’s banks where people maintain their traditional lifestyle,
Colorful Reflection of Chaophraya River at Night ;At night, many intersection sights along the river are tit up to give you an opportunity to see fresh vistas impollible to experience in the day time. Old temples, palaces and communities along the river banks tells us the livelihood of the people and had led to the birth of civilization.
See the Grand Palace and Rama Vill Bridge, an impressive sight with its single inverted Y-shape tower, sleek superstructure, and gold –colored cables arranged on both single and double planes, This asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge elegantly crosses the Chao Phraya River to alleviate traffic congestion on both the Bangkok and Thonburi sides and to honor the beloved royal brother, King Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII), the eighth monarch of the Chakri Dynasty.
Festival of the River in Bangkok ; Folk- plays and traditional rites still existing today clearly reflect the indispensable bond between the Thais and the fields, rivers and streams and the national religion,-Buddhism. Virtually every month of the year sees the holding of traditional activities of the villagers and farmers which demonstrate these relationships, events such as the Festival of Lights or Loy Krathong Festival Provides a romantic and fascinating experience, During this festival, people thank The God of Water and make a wish before they release elaborately decorated and candlelit floats on rivers and canals, Imaging the Chao Phraya in the dark and covered with millions of flickering lights, Many of Bangkok’s clubs will be alive on New year’s Eve, But New Year’s Eve On the Chao Phraya River will give you a memorable evening. There are multiple dinner cruised to choose from. You can have a romantic candlelit dinner with light entertainment or join the New Year’s countdown while dancing down the river. Whatever your choice, you’ll have a great view of the fireworks and the imposing vistas of history on both side of the River of Kings.
Even today, the river is an important artery to the heart of Bangkok, You can hire a water taxi (long- tailed boat or hang yao in Thai) and visit a number of idyllic sports, Be part of the timeless bustle of the picturesque Chao Phraya River – The River Of Kings.

CRUISES IN FESTIVAL and Special Day in Bangkok Thailand.

Christmas Eve Dinner Cruise
New Year' s Eve Dinner Cruise
Songkran Festival Dinner Cruise
Mather Day Dinner Cruise
Loy Kratong Dinner Cruise 2009
Father Day Dinner Crusie

Bangkok Dinner Cruise and Thai Dance by Wanfah Cruise

Treat yourself to a memorable night out aboard one of Bangkok’s most luxurious boat restaurant. Relax in modern comfort and experience the warmth of Thai hospitality. Dine on a variety of authentic Thai food and sea food. Cruising along the Chao Phraya River, you can experience the scenic sunset and river life by night. A truly exotic experience and unforgettable.

Bangkok Dinner Cruise and Live Band Show by Chaophraya Cruise

Luxury and Modern Dinner Cruise in Bangkok - Treat yourself to a memorable night out aboard one of Bangkok’s most luxurious Bangkok Cruise . Relax in modern cruise comfort and experience the warmth of Thai hospitality. Dine on a variety of authentic International Buffet. Cruising along the Chao Phraya River, you can experience the scenic sunset and river life by night. A truly exotic experience and unforgettable.

Bangkok Dinner Cruise by Grand Pearl Cruise, Bangkok Cruise
Welcome Aboard! Grand Pearl Cruise
Be enchanted over lunch or dinner as you enjoy our Thai and international buffet. Whether sipping on a cocktail prepared by one of our world-class bartenders or treating yourself to some wine sourced from a select group of exclusive vineyards from around the globe, you're sure to cool down as you cruise by some of the best scenery that Thailand has to offer.
Bangkok Dinner Cruise by Chaophraya Princess Cruise
Chaophraya Princess Cruise, A touch of world class dinner cruise in Bangkok Dine on a stylish luxurious cruise. View the historical landmarks on a river cruise along the Chao Phraya River and experience the beautiful night sceneries with a romantic atmosphere on our dinner cruise in the middle of Bangkok.Chaophraya River was the origin of Thai civilization that passed down a long lasting history well known to all until today. This river of memory is the blood vessel that runs through the heart of the Thai Kingdom.
Bangkok Canal Tour and Rice Barge Cruise

Bangkok Canal Tour and Rice Barge, In Bangkok Thailand, Many small river in City ( Canal ) in Thai call Klong , This is trip , will take your for Explorer to Thai life, explore some of Bangkok's waterways. Small interconnecting canals sustain a traditional lifestyle where mobile shops, "floating kitchens" and water taxi services ensure a local pace. While it is not difficult to hire a boat by yourself, a guided tour provides an insight into the lifestyle, rather than just a plain sightseeing trip. Choose a klong tour which stops at some of Bangkok's other places of interest, like the Royal Barges Museum and Wat Arun

Ayutthaya River Cruise by River Sun Cruise " Ayutthaya One Day Tour "

" Ayutthaya " The Ancient City was the former Thai capital for 417 years. The city used to prosper being head of dominant empire and the centre of trade between the East and European countries, such as Britain, France and Holland. Recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Historic Ayutthaya temples are scattered throughout this once magnificent city and along the surrounding rivers. River Sun Cruise has selected the highlights of the site for your visit including Wat Maha That, Wat Lokayasutharam and Wat Na Phra Mane.

Ayutthaya Overnight Cruise - Mekhala Cruise, Bangkok Ayutthaya Cruise

For centuries, The River of Kings has been the lifeblood of Thailand, carrying with it the history and culture of this proud nation. Flowing down from the fertile central plains for almost 400 kilometers, this birthplace of Thai civilization connects the ancient Siamese capital Ayuthaya with the modern capital Bangkok, where it remains an essential artery in the region's economic life.Beautifully crafted, Mekhala is a collection of three restored rice barges that provide the setting for daily journeys between Bangkok and Ayuthaya, retracing the paths of former royal processions. Their journey is a fascinating insight into how life on the river has changed over this time

Bangkok Honeymoon Cruise - Cruise for Honeymoon in Bangkok
Motha ( Cruise for Honeymoon and Family ) offers you the opportunity to enjoy uniquely exclusive travel on one of the world's most fascinating rivers, the Chao Phraya or ' River of Kings '. Whether it is a vacation, business entertainment, special occasion or a sightseeing tour, your cruise will be a nostalgic experience reminiscing a bygone era of opulent elegance
Loy Kratong Dinner Cruise in Bangkok with River Cruise in Bangkok
Bangkok Dinner Cruise on Loy Kratong Night by Bangkok Cruises on Monday 2 , November 2009 , you can choose and plan to River Dinner Cruise in Bangkok with Thai Style Crusie  with Thai Classical Dance or Thai Modern River Cruise with Live Band Music Show on Loy Kratong Nighs  " Full Moon Party in Bangkok "
Celebrate Christmas’ eve on Chaophraya River
CHRISTMAS Eve DINNER CRUISE BANGKOK- BANGKOK DINNER CRUISE by River Cruiss in Bangkok, One of the Thailand cruise luxury dinner in Bangkok , Choaphraya River Cruises it is convenient, glamorous and classy decorated with applied Thai style which is refined, graceful, and unique. You will experience pleasant and warm Thai hospitality, full of friendliness and charm. When traveling with us. The Luxurious Cruise on The Chaophraya River in Bangkok Thailand Dine in Style aboard the most gracious vessel of world-class standard along the spectacular sight of the Chaophraya River in Bangkok, when the sun goes down with a live and and professional vocalists.
Bangkok Celebrate New Year’ Eve Dinner Cruise

Celebrate New Year 2010 
on Chaophraya River with Bangkok River Cruises
on Thursday December 31, 2009


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