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Ubon Ratchathani Tour - Ubon Ratchathani Sight - Seeing Tour

Ubon Ratchathani Tour - Ubon Ratchathani Sight - Seeing Tour
The Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival, the most elaborate of the traditional parading of candles to wats, is held in Ubon Ratchathani, Isan, Thailand, around the days of Asanha Puja (which commemorates the Buddha’s first sermon) and Wan  Ubon Ratchathani ( I-Saan ) visit Ubon Ratchathani Province , Tour in Ubon Ratchathani , Ubon Ratchathani Hotel BookingKao Pansa (which marks the beginning of vassa).
The most obvious celebration of Songkran is the throwing of water. Thais roam the streets with containers of water or water guns, or post themselves at the side of roads with a garden hose and drench each other and passersby. This, however, was not always the main activity of this festival. Songkran was traditionally a time to visit and pay respects to elders, including family members, friends and neighbors.
3000 boke or 3000 reservoirs:some call Grand Canyon of Siam in Ubonratchathani Province.Here is very amazing in nature of rocks and many pits of water with fishes. You can see so many reflection of the blue sky on the water ,let's go to Ubonratchathani.
Mun River sometimes spelled Moon River, is a tributary of the Mekong river. It carries approximately 21,000 cubic kilometres of water per year.It rises in the Khao Yai National Park of the Sankambeng range, near Nakhon Ratchasima in the Isan area of Thailand. It then flows east through the Khorat Plateau in southern Isan for 466 miles until it joins the Mekong at Khong Chiam in Ubon Ratchathani. The Mun river's main tributary is the Chi River, which flows into it in Kanthararom district of Sisaket province.
Attraction of Ubonratchathani.
Thung Si Mueang Ubonratchathani - is a beautifully landscaped public park in the heart of the city in front of the city hall. It houses an imitation of a carved candle sculpture, health park, and playground.
City Pillar Shrine - Located at the southern corner of the field, the sacred pillar was built in 1972.
Monument of Phra Pathum Worarat Suriyawong or Chao Kham Phong - Phra Pathum Worarat Suriyawong is the founder of Ubon Ratchathani during 1778-1795.
Sculpture of Somdet Phra Maha Wirawong or Tisso Uan - a famous monk who was well versed in Sutra and Vipassana.
Monument of Goodness - The monument was built by WWII PoWs to honour the generosity and goodness of the people of Ubon Ratchathani.
Sculpture of Harmony and Progress - The sculpture represents the harmony of 4 countries: Thailand, Lao PDR., Cambodia, and Vietnam.
Wat Thung Si Mueang The Buddha’s footprint is housed in the Ubosot which mirrors art blending between the early Rattanakosin era and that of Vientiane. Another important building in the temple is the Ho Trai - the Hall of Tipitaka scriptures. The wooden hall was built in the pond to protect the Tipitaka from insects.
Wat Si Ubon Rattanaram or Wat Si Thong - The Ubosot houses a sacred Buddha image known as “Phra Kaeo Butsarakham”. The Buddha image, in the attitude of subduing Mara, is carved from topaz into the Chiang Saen style. Each year, in the Songkran Festival,ubonratchathani people will parade the Buddha image around for the people to pay respect and bathe.
National Museum of Ubon Ratchathani - The single-storey hip roofed building, built in 1918, once served as the city hall before it was handed to the Fine Arts Department. The museum features local exhibitions: geography, history of the city’s establishment, archaeological fine art objects, local handicrafts and folk games.
The Golden Jubilee Art and ubonratchathani Cultural Centre - The 7-storey building in contemporary Isan architecture was built to commemorate the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of His Majesty’s Accession to the Throne. H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presided over the opening ceremony on 11 December, 2001.
Wat Chaeng - The Ubosot, which was only completed 24 years later, is famed for its beautiful architecture and rare woodcarving. As a precious historical site, the Ubosot is well preserved in its original condition. It has won a Certificate of Honour from H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in the ‘Architect 87’ Exhibition.
Wat Maha Wanaram - It was at first only a ‘Samnak Song’, a monastic residence, for Vipassana monks. According to a stone inscription found behind the principal Buddha statue, Phrachao Yai In Paeng, it was built in 1807. The stucco Buddha statue, in the attitude of subduing Mara, was built in the Laotian style.
Wat Burapharam - The temple once served as a residence for famous meditation monks. Today, the temple houses life-like stone figures of these monks.
Wat Supattanaram Worawihan - This is the first Dhammayutika temple of the province. The temple has a special Ubosot designed by a royal highway engineer Luang Sathit Nimankan (Chuan Supiyaphan). It has a Thai-style roof, western style hall and Khmer-style base.
Hat Wat Tai - The beach situated in the middle of the Mun River. During the dry season, its white sandy beach is a favourite place for holiday-makers to enjoy the easy atmosphere and greenery.
Ban Kan Lueang Archaeological Site - It is an archaeological site which can be dated back to 2,800-2,500 years ago. In 1996, the Fine Arts Department found a number of artefacts such as beads, pottery, bronze bells, iron axes and chaff.
Wat Sa Prasan Suk or Wat Ban Na Mueang - The temple houses a special Ubosot in the shape of the Suphannahong Royal Barge decorated with mosaic. The abbot, Achan Bunmi, is widely honoured among the people of Ubon Ratchathani as well as those from nearby provinces.
Hat Khu Duea - The beach by the Mun River is 12 km from downtown Ubon Ratchathani via Highway 24. Lots of restaurants on the raft are available.
Ban Pa-ao - The ancient village is situated in Tambon Nong Khon. Since two centuries ago, the villagers actually immigrated from Vientiane during the reign of King Siri Bunsan and settled here. The village is famed for its brass work in an ancient style.
Wat Nong Pa Phong - The temple is situated in a lush forest of Tambon Non Phueng. The tranquillity allows monks to study and practice Vipassana meditation. Attractions in the temple include the Phra Phothiyan Thera Museum that displays the eight requisites and wax model of Luangpu Cha.
Wat Pa Nana Chat - Numerous foreign monks study and practice Vipassana meditation here; most of them can speak Thai fluently and pray in Pali. Strict practices of the monks here make the temple quite honourable among Buddhists.
Wat Phukhao Kaeo - The temple has a very beautiful Ubosot in ubonratchathani which is delicately decorated with a tiered roof covered with terracotta tiles and supporting a golden spire in the middle. Inside is the high-relief regarding important Phrathats, relic-containing pagodas, of Thailand.
Wat Paknam ( Bung Sapang)Luang Phor Ngern Ubonratchathani
Thai – American Relations Ubosot HallBuddhist Place of Dhamma among the war
Once the Second World War finished, the Great War of Asia gradually start under the named of “The Great Eastern Asia War”.
The Japanese army sends the troops to occupy other counties in this region and settle the military base on the area of Ubon Rachathani Air Base of U.S.A. And transport troops to attack Vietnam in the Vietnam War (1954-1975) The U.S. aircraft was shot and fell down to the pak Nam village. This is the reason why the U.S. military has to keep watch this village.
After that, the U.S. army always sends the aircraft to inspect the area During the aircraft fly across Wat Pa Phrapikanet, there is the miraculous ray of light shined directly from the midst of deep forest toward the US force aircraft.
Phramongkoldhamwat was explained to the U.S. air force that the miraculous ray is always happen especially on every 15th waxing moon’s day and 15th waning moon’s day. But the explanation was difficult for U.S. army to understand this situation was talked about in the Ubonratchathani Air Base in that time.
Baan Paknam ( Bung Sapang ) Museum - Baan Pak Nam shows all historical artifacts used in the past for more than 2000 pieces, these artifacts represented ancients intelligence and reflected their way of living from Past to Present.
Haad Bung sapang Beach ( Haad Sri Pirom Beach)- Natural Heritage that human couldn’t do! Haad Bung Sapang beach becomes to well known place because of Phramongkoldhamwat’s vision and his development it starts since he’s brought his monks and novices to carry the sand from the beach to construct the lodging in the Wat Pak Nam and temple nearby. Haad Bung Sra Pang beach be like pattaya beach as in the middle of Moon River. The golden beach looks shiny when sunrise. We can see the sand beach along the river and also see the opposite shore of the other riverside. Finally, the beach is very famous and becomes to the popular tourist attractions of Ubon Rachathani and many peoples are ravished by the beauty of the beach. Because it’s the Natural Heritage that human couldn’t do, therefore Phramongkoldhamwat (Boonchan) try his best to preserve this beach as a National’s property and educate the villagers to love and take care of the beach. Even though, somebody try to get the sand concession from this beach but he still keep educate all villagers to appreciate the value of this Natural Heritage and helps to preserve. 

Ubon Rachathani Sight Seeing Tourubon ratchathani Sight Seeing Tour - Ubon ratchathaniarticle
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