Walking Tour Bangkok Old Town Street Travel Trip

Experience Bangkok old town walking tour, enjoy to Walking Tour Bangkok old town street travel trip half day in Bangkok with spend time 2 hours Bangkok walking tour takes you to the hidden alleys of Bangkok’s Chinatown or Yaowarat by walking. This area walking is more relaxing and intimate than bike cycling and perfect for take a photo and famous for place for photographer

This 2-hour Bangkok old town walking tour, enjoy to see the REAL Bangkok by foot

Bangkok old town walking tour
Bangkok Old City Walk Old Town Bangkok Walking Tour China Town

Walk Bangkok Old Town Street Trip, great experience for a two-hour walk via anciently Chinatown or Yaowarat, one in every of the most important and maximum precise within side the world. Here, Sino-Thai lifestyle has been evolving considering the start of the Chakri dynasty over 2 hundred years ago. Enjoy a few of the equal factors that old town city, so famous in a greater comfortable and intimate format. Explore alleyways and passages so small even bicycles can not pass

Get a behind the curtain view of existence on this bustling community, in which encounters with busy marketplaces, non secular shrines, and smiling faces appearing their every day workouts will stimulate all of your senses. Perfect for the picturegraph enthusiast, our taking walks excursion offers you enough possibility to excursion at your personal pace, ask questions, and take all of it in

Walking Tour Bangkok

Tour Code: COT03

  • Destination: Bangkok
  • Start City: Bangkok
  • End City: Bangkok
  • Tour Type: Joint Tour
  • Tour departure: 10.00 Am.
  • Duration: 2 hrs.
  • Food :  Refreshing drinks & snacks en route
  • Check in : River City Sri Phraya

Very impressive bike tour through the Bangkok city. You will seen native places and hidden attractions of Bangkok, which we probably could not see without a local person. In addition, this tour is also very funny and entertaining

Price 750 Baht

Price Included

  • Experienced local guides
  • Drinks & snacks en route

Exclude: Hotel transfer

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